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our mission Chislehurst Hair aims to create an atmosphere of enjoyment, relaxation and comfort, pleasing our clients through highly skilled hairdressing. we provide a 5 star quality customer service, with a home care and maintenance programme.


customer care Chislehurst Hair’s main floor dedicated to hairdressing, where you will be consulted by one of our highly-qualified team members. You will receive advice on how to manage your hair at home with the finest products by Paul Mitchell. Our professional service is key and you are guaranteed a great quality hair cut and colour. As a team we are always looking for ways to improve and better our service and customer care. we encourage you to contact us and suggest your ideas, so that we may continuously improve your experience.


cut / blowdry / styles

ladies cut & blow dry:                          senior: £44.00
stylist: £39.00

gents:                                                            senior: £26.00
stylist: £22.50

blow dry:                                                      senior: £31.00
stylist: £27.00

hair up styles:                                               from: £31.00

children:                                         Under 7 years: £11.00*
8-12 years: £16.00*

13-15 years: £25.00

*This does not include a shampoo


full head foils:                                       senior: £82.00
stylist: £76.50

half head foils:                                      senior: £62.00
stylist: £56.50

t section:                                                  senior: £52.00
stylist: £45.00

full head:                                       from: senior: £50.00
from: stylist: £46.00

roots:                                                         from: senior: £40.00
from: stylist: £37.00

semi permanent:                                  senior: £36.00
stylist: £31.00

perming:                                      from: senior: £68.00